Fireplace Cleaning & Inspection

HouseA standard fireplace cleaning includes a visual inspection and removal of the flaky creosote deposits from the entire fireplace system, from top to bottom. Special brushes and vacuums are used for this.

We guarantee no mess. The area in front of the fireplace is covered with heavy-duty drop cloths and our vacuums are equipped with a three-stage HEPA filter to ensure no dust gets out into your home.

At this time, we will also evaluate and provide you with a written report of the condition of your chimney.

Animal Removal

Animals are humanely removed from chimneys.

If your chimney does not have a heavy-duty chimney cover at the top, or if it's deteriorated or damaged, it can allow animals such as birds, squirrels, raccoons and bats to enter your home. This is not only a potential fire hazard when you light a fire, but it can also block the fuel, allowing gas fumes to escape into your home, resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning.

Animals in your chimney can also cause flea and tick infestation, which can bring along a variety of diseases. Your best protection from this happening is to have your chimney serviced by us. We check the condition of your chimney covers and animal guards and, if needed, repair or replace them.

Chimney Covers

We install only heavy-duty chimney covers to keep rain, animals and debris out of your chimney and home.

Masonry Repairs

We have many years of experience in repairing chimneys, from tuckpointing and watersealing, to completely rebuilding your chimney.


Cracks and missing and deteriorated mortar in your firebox can cause fire and heat to escape into the walls around the fireplace. When we evaluate your fireplace, these areas are checked very closely, as this is the area that causes the most structure fires in homes. We can repair these areas before they become fire hazards.

Flashing Repairs

We can repair or replace flashings to stop water from leaking into your home.


Your chimney should have a damper that you can open when you have a fire. If the damper is not operating properly, it can close while the fire is burning, causing all of the fire back into the home.

Also, if it is not sealing properly when closed, it will allow your heat to go out the chimney, which can cause a 20 to 30-percent heat loss. We carry a full line of replacement dampers that will pay for themselves in energy savings in a year or so.

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